If you are sightseeing in Komatsu City, explore the charms of Showa retro miscellaneous goods, Kutani ware, Kaga Yuzen, antiques, etc. - Souvenirs found at Jamu

If you are looking for sightseeing spots in Komatsu City, go to Jamuru K. Showa retro, Kaga Yuzen, Kutani ware, Wajima lacquerware.

Komatsu City Sightseeing - Interesting hidden shops in Ishikawa Prefecture. There are many souvenirs such as Kutani ware, Kaga Yuzen, and Wajima lacquerware.

小松市のお土産 九谷焼、輪島塗、加賀友禅

Search for souvenirs from Komatsu City at Jamuru K: Kutani ware, Kaga Yuzen, retro miscellaneous goods, antiques, and antique items.


If you come to Komatsu City for sightseeing, be sure to visit Jamuru K, an interesting store where you can enjoy the traditional culture of Ishikawa Prefecture and the retro Showa era at the same time, such as retro Showa miscellaneous goods, souvenirs from Kutani ware, Wajima lacquerware, Yamanaka lacquerware, and Kaga Yuzen kimonos. please. This 200 tsubo shop located along the main road in Komatsu City is more than just an antique shop. Jamul K is a shop that will definitely surprise you when you come sightseeing, where you can find all kinds of Ishikawa Prefecture souvenirs at low prices. It is a special space where past and present intersect, offering visitors a journey through time.

小松市とジャムルK - 時間を超えた旅行の体験


Nostalgic Showa era home appliances used in Komatsu City

Jamul K's diverse collection of traditional cultural works


At Jamuru K, you can enjoy Ishikawa Prefecture's proud culture all in one place, from beautiful Kutani ware ceramics to delicate Kaga Yuzen kimonos and traditional crafts such as Wajima and Yamanaka lacquerware. In addition, the Showa retro miscellaneous goods, furniture, and home appliances provide visitors with a sense of nostalgia and warmth, and remind them of the lifestyle of Japan in the past. Please stop by when you come to Komatsu for sightseeing. We also rent kimonos, so there are many things to enjoy at this store. You're sure to find products that will become souvenirs from Ishikawa Prefecture at reasonable prices.

A new destination for sightseeing in Komatsu City


Sightseeing in Komatsu City includes Ataka no Seki, which is famous for being the setting for Kanjincho, a Kabuki play based on the story of Minamoto no Yoshitomo and Benkei, Natadera Temple, and Awazu Onsen, which is said to be the oldest hotel in Japan. In addition to famous places such as Hoshi-san and natural beauty, you can also enjoy sightseeing in Jamul K to the fullest. At our store, you can have an experience that makes you feel like you have traveled back in time, and you can feel closer to the culture and history of Ishikawa Prefecture. Jamul K is a hidden new tourist destination in Komatsu City, where all three generations can enjoy together, where grandparents and their grandchildren can enjoy a lively conversation. Whether you're looking for a reasonably priced souvenir from Komatsu City or a special treat for yourself, Jamul K continues to fascinate visitors.

Vintage, antique, retro kimono, and retro miscellaneous goods arriving daily

Jamuru K has Komatsu City souvenirs, Kutani ware, and Kaga Yuzen.

The traditional crafts produced by this region's unique techniques and aesthetic sense have received high acclaim both domestically and internationally. Here, we will focus on the most famous Kutani ware and Kaga Yuzen, as well as introduce markets and festivals that continue to be loved locally. All of this information is provided by Jamuru K, which also handles retro miscellaneous goods, Kutani ware, and Kaga Yuzen.

Kutani ware - the colorful world of ceramics

Kutani ware souvenirs from Komatsu City, Kaga City, and Nomi City

Kutani ware is a type of ceramic that was created in Ishikawa Prefecture about 360 years ago, and is characterized by its bright colors and delicate paintings. Kokutani's works are based on beautiful flowers, birds, wind, and the moon, painted in the five colors of navy blue, green, purple, yellow, and red, and there are still many collectors of these works. Jamul K occasionally gets Kokutani in stock, so if your timing is right, you may have a chance to purchase it at the store. I feel very lucky when I found it.


Komatsu City tourist souvenirs - Kutani ware treasure hunt at Jamul K


At Jamuru K, we have a large selection of works by Kutani ware living national treasures from Komatsu City, such as the first Tokuda Yasokichi, the third Tokuda Yasokichi, and Yoshida Mito, available for sale at reasonable prices. Furthermore, we have a large selection of Kutani ware works by other Kutani ware artists as well as gift items that are perfect as souvenirs.


When you come to Awazu Onsen in Komatsu City, Katayamazu Onsen, Yamashiro Onsen, or Yamanaka Onsen in Kaga City for sightseeing, why not come to Jamuru K and find some wonderful Kutani ware?

Let's go sightseeing wearing a rental kimono

Kaga Yuzen is a dyed product that developed against the backdrop of the Kaga Hyakumangoku culture that has continued since the Edo period. It is particularly characterized by its detailed depiction and deep coloring, creating a world of luxury and splendor in a single piece of fabric.


Jamul K always has 1000 kimonos of all kinds and also rents them out.


If you are sightseeing in Komatsu City/Kaga City, why not try Kimono at Jamuru K??


At Jamuru K, we always have over 1,000 items in stock, including Kaga Yuzen kimonos. In addition to Kaga Yuzen, local Ushikubi Tsumugi, Noto Jofu, and even high-end kimonos from outside the prefecture such as Kyo Yuzen, Oshima Tsumugi, and Yuki Tsumugi are sold and rented. Cheap kimonos are sold for as low as 500 yen. Additionally, during the event, we offer unlimited kimono bagging, which has become popular with a large number of customers and customers from far away. We have customers from as far away as Toyama and Fukui prefectures, as well as from Nagoya, so if you come from afar, please stop by Jamul K as a sightseeing spot and experience the treasure discovery experience. Many interesting products are waiting for our customers.

Sightseeing with kimono rental

About kimono rental when sightseeing


At Jamuru K, we provide a rental service where tourists can easily wear kimonos.


We will respond to requests such as ``I want to go out to dinner in a kimono tonight'' or ``I want to surprise my friends and family by suddenly appearing in a kimono.''


Returns can be made the next day or delivered to your home, which is very popular.


If you are visiting Komatsu City, Nomi City, or Kaga City for sightseeing, why not try a wonderful kimono experience at Jamuru K?




Kaga Yuzen often expresses the beauty of flowers, birds, wind and moon, and the four seasons, and each piece is infused with the craftsman's skill and heart. In Komatsu City, there are workshops and experience facilities where you can experience Kaga Yuzen up close, and you can even try your hand at dyeing it yourself. There are also many modern fashion items using Kaga Yuzen, and you can feel that traditional techniques are still alive in modern times.

Access and inquiries


Jamul K is located in a very convenient location, about 10 minutes by car, bus, or rental bicycle from Komatsu Shinkansen Station, and is popular with many tourists. It can be conveniently reached in 15 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport or 10 minutes from Komatsu Station, where the Shinkansen stops. It is also 20 minutes from the popular Awazu Onsen, and about 30 minutes from Kaga Onsen's Yamashiro Onsen and Katayamazu Onsen.


If you have any questions about our store or your visit, please feel free to contact us by phone or LINE. We look forward to working with you to enrich your visit to Komatsu City.


At the shop, the local staff will kindly and politely give you simple information about sightseeing in Komatsu City, so please come and visit us.

telephone number

Explore the charms of Komatsu City and have a special experience at Jamul K.


We hope this trip will be an unforgettable memory for our guests. Please make the most of your time in Komatsu City and enjoy encountering the treasures found at Jamul K.

Interesting shops to find in Komatsu City - The World of Jamul K

If you come for sightseeing, visit Jamul K - Treasure hunting spot in Komatsu City

If you come sightseeing, go treasure hunting at Jamul K.

Jamuru K is a store with a unique charm located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. This is not just a thrift store. A variety of treasures are hidden within the diverse selection, from Showa retro items to modern items, as well as valuable antiques and antiques. Jamul K is a place where visitors can experience the excitement of ``exploration'' and ``discovery'', as if they were on a treasure hunt.

Reasonable souvenirs such as Kutani ware

A wide variety of products: Jamuru K carries a wide range of products, from traditional crafts from Ishikawa Prefecture such as Kutani ware and Kaga Yuzen, to Kutani ware plates and Wajima lacquered chopsticks that can be used as souvenirs for everyday use. At our store, we have a wide selection of traditional products from the Kaga clan, and we welcome both sightseeing customers and local customers.

A shop that sells all sorts of Komatsu souvenirs, including reasonably priced Kutani-yaki souvenirs

You can make unique discoveries: As you walk through the store, you'll find nostalgic Showa-era retro bento boxes, toys and games such as masks and baseball boards, old camera machines, retro electronics and furniture, and Kaga Yuzen. You may come across unexpected and wonderful items such as Kyoto Yuzen kimonos and obi, tea utensils, Kutani ware vases, sake bottles, sake cups, and even works by Living National Treasure Yasokichi Tokuda III. Jamul K aims to create a store that feels like a fun treasure chest, with all sorts of things packed into one place. If you come to Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture for sightseeing, please come and look for treasure at our store.


Reasonable Prices: Jaml K caters to a variety of budgets, from expensive antiques such as local Kutani ware, Wajima lacquer, Yamanaka lacquer, Kaga inlay, and Kaga yuzen to affordable daily necessities. Perfect for choosing souvenirs.


Deep insight into local culture: When you visit Jaml K while sightseeing, you will gain a deep understanding of the traditional culture and history of Kanazawa, Komatsu, Nomi, Wajima and Kaga cities. You'll discover new things about local traditions and art that will definitely pique your interest. Satisfy your intellectual needs??


Jaml K strives to become an interesting spot for tourists visiting Komatsu City. You can listen to the story behind each product and enjoy new discoveries. We would like to offer our customers a lot of fun with the traditional culture of Komatsu City, Kaga City, Nomi City, Kanazawa City, and even Ishikawa Prefecture as a whole, as well as Showa retro products that remained in the countryside, so please come and visit us. Please.

Products you can find at Jamul K - From Showa retro to modern masterpieces

Showa retro souvenirs: miscellaneous goods, furniture, tableware, home appliances, clothing, clothes

Jamul K is a treasure trove filled with Showa retro charm. At this store, you can find a variety of items from the Showa era, including miscellaneous goods, furniture, home appliances, and toys. Nostalgic items such as old signboards, paintings, and even clothes are lined up, inviting visitors to the world of the Showa era. In particular, the kimono collection, including Kaga Yuzen, attracts many people with its beauty. Showa retro clothes and kimonos have designs that have been loved throughout the ages, and have been incorporated into modern fashion as a form of fashion.

Jamul K also provides a rental service for these kimonos, which can be enjoyed on special occasions, for photo shoots, or as a sightseeing experience. Strolling around in a kimono surrounded by retro Showa era items will be a wonderful memory of your sightseeing in Komatsu City.


Shopping at Jamul K is like a short trip back to the Showa era. With a mix of nostalgia and freshness, Jamul K is a tourist attraction in Komatsu City, offering visitors a unique experience. For all those who love Showa retro and Kanazawa's traditional culture, Jamul K is waiting for you to enjoy.

Kimono rental inquiries

From your phone

Sightseeing in Komatsu City and a special experience at Jamul K

Jaml K for sightseeing in Komatsu City

Exploring Komatsu's tourism and special experiences at Jamul K is a wonderful opportunity to fully enjoy culture, history, and retro charm all at once. Komatsu City offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its good old Japanese scenery, access to Kaga Onsen Village, rich nature and traditional culture. On the other hand, at Jamuru K, you can enjoy another journey through time through items with a retro Showa feel, traditional Kutani ware, Kaga Yuzen, Wajima lacquerware, and Yamanaka lacquerware.

Must-visit spots in Komatsu City

Kaga Onsenkyo: Awazu Onsen, Katayamazu Onsen , Yamashiro Onsen, and Yamanaka Onsen are hot spring resorts surrounded by beautiful nature that offer a relaxing time. You can spend a relaxing time at historic hot spring inns such as Hoshi-san at Awazu Onsen, which is said to be the oldest hotel in Japan.

Nature-rich parks: Komatsu City has many parks, such as Ashiki Park and Kibagata Park, where you can enjoy the scenery of each season. Perfect for a pleasant stroll or a picnic.

Historical buildings: Komatsu City has Komatsu Castle and the old castle townscape that give you a sense of its rich history, and you can feel back in time just by walking around. The Ogoya Mine and the Yusenji Copper Mine Ruins are also great spots to learn about the history of Komatsu, which is said to be a stone town.

A special experience at Jaml K

Showa retro world: You can have fun finding nostalgic items such as home appliances, toys, and clothes from the Showa era. You will feel as if you have traveled back in time.


 Discover traditional crafts: Not only can you see up close traditional crafts that Ishikawa Prefecture is proud of, such as Kutani ware and Kaga Yuzen, but you can also touch them and feel their beauty. Please enjoy the space that feels like a museum.


 Kimono Rental: Rent a traditional kimono such as Kaga Yuzen and stroll through the old streets of Komatsu City for a deeper experience of Japanese culture.


 Sale of recycled kimonos: We also sell kimonos at reasonable prices, so if you are in Ishikawa Prefecture, please come and visit Komatsu. We look forward to serving you at amazing prices.


Tourism in Komatsu City and the experience at Jamul K offers more than just sightseeing for visitors. By experiencing the culture, history, and retro charm, you'll be able to create special memories that take you away from everyday life. To make the most of your time in Komatsu City, why not include exploring Jamul K as part of your trip?

How to access Jamul K

Address: 61 Ro, Dairyo-cho, Ishikawa Prefecture

Call 0120-231-917


By public transport:

From Shinkansen Komatsu Station, you can arrive at Jamul K in about 15 minutes by bus or rental cycle. For faster access, a taxi will get you there in about 7 minutes.


If coming by car:

The most convenient route is to come from Komatsu Interchange or Katayamazu Interchange. Easily accessible from both interchanges, the journey to Jamul K is smooth.


Jamul K is looking forward to your visit. No matter which means of transportation you use, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ishikawa Prefecture while arriving comfortably.


Access by Shinkansen:

About 30 minutes by Shinkansen from Kanazawa, Komatsu City is the gateway to Kaga Onsenkyo, Nomi City, and Kaga City. Jamul K is easily accessible from Komatsu Station, making it possible to enjoy sightseeing and shopping in one day.


Optimal visit time:

Business hours are from 10:00 to 19:00. The recommended time is from 11:00 to 17:00, when the staff is fully staffed. If you wish to use rental kimonos, etc., you must make a reservation in advance. It can get crowded in the afternoon, especially on weekends and holidays, so if you want to take your time to browse the products, it's best to visit in the morning.


Recommended season to visit:

Spring and autumn are the most beautiful seasons in Komatsu City and the surrounding area. Especially during the cherry blossom season in spring and the changing leaves in autumn, you can combine your visit to Jamul K to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

How to enjoy after visiting Jamul K, combination with surrounding spots

Healing at Kaga Onsen Village: After visiting Jamul K, we recommend relaxing and enjoying the hot springs at Kaga Onsen Village is. Refresh your mind and body at this historic hot spring resort.


Kanazawa sightseeing:Kanazawa City is easily accessible by Shinkansen, including Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Castle, and Higashi Chaya District. Many tourist attractions are waiting for visitors. Spend a day enjoying the charm of Kanazawa while shopping at Jamuru K.


Exploring Nomi City and Kaga City:Nomi City and Kaga City, located next to Komatsu City, are also popular for sightseeing. It is an indispensable spot. You can enjoy the food culture and natural scenery unique to the region. Nomi City has Kutani Pottery Village is located here, where you can see a large variety of Kutani ware. Also in Kaga CityIshikawa Prefecture Kutani Ware Museum where you can learn more about the history of Kutani Ware.

Shopping at Jamul K is a great opportunity to learn more about the charms of Komatsu City and its surrounding areas. Enjoy a trip that combines sightseeing and shopping by taking advantage of the easy access using the Shinkansen.

Enjoy the Showa retro atmosphere of Komatsu City - A journey through time

Stepping into Komatsu City begins a journey through the ages. Especially for people who love Showa retro, this place is like a treasure trove. There are spots dotted around that give you a sense of nostalgia for the past, and Jamul K has a wide selection of items that give you a strong sense of the atmosphere of that era. for example


 A spot where you can feel the retro atmosphere of the Showa era


Komatsu City is home to cafes, shops, and buildings that still have a strong Showa vibe. Able to remember the pop culture and lifestyle of the time, these places offer both nostalgia and freshness to those who visit. For example, at a cafe lined with retro signboards and Showa era furniture, you can get a glimpse of everyday life back then. Additionally, by visiting the early Showa era buildings that remain in Komatsu City, you can experience the designs and construction methods unique to that era.

Retro discoveries and experiences at Jamul K


At Jamuru K, a wide variety of items with a Showa retro feel are waiting for visitors. From Showa era miscellaneous goods and furniture to home appliances and toys, each item has its own story and provides a special experience for visitors. We also carry Kaga Yuzen kimonos and Showa retro clothes, and by using our kimono rental service, you can experience that era more deeply. By walking around Komatsu City with the items you found at Jamuru K, you will be able to feel the atmosphere of the Showa era even more deeply.


A trip to enjoy the retro Showa era of Komatsu City offers a unique experience that blends past and present. The discoveries and experiences you will have at Jamul K will make your trip even richer. There is no doubt that you will gain new discoveries and excitement through this timeless journey.

Choosing souvenirs from Komatsu City - Items found at Jaml K

When you visit Komatsu City, you'll want to choose a special souvenir to preserve your memories forever. Jamul K has a wide selection of unique antique items and traditional crafts that Ishikawa Prefecture is proud of, and visitors have the pleasure of finding a carefully selected item.


 Introducing unique antique products and traditional crafts


At Jamul K, you can find antique products with a time-honored beauty and traditional crafts that are carefully made one by one by craftsmen. For example, works of art such as Kaga Yuzen and Kutani ware are known for their delicate beauty and give us a sense of traditional Japanese beauty. In addition, the Showa retro miscellaneous goods and furniture have a unique charm that gives you a sense of Japan's modern history. These items strongly reflect the culture and history of Komatsu City and are perfect as mementos of your visit or as gifts for your loved ones.

Points to consider when choosing antiques as souvenirs


When choosing antiques at Jamul K, it is important to keep a few points in mind. First, by understanding the story and history behind an item, you can appreciate its value more deeply. You can also add more personal value by choosing items that match your hobbies and interests, as well as those of the recipient. Additionally, by consulting with Jamul K's knowledgeable staff, you can learn the background and details of the item and help you make the best choice.


The items you find at Jamul K will be treasured for a long time, as special memories of your time in Komatsu City, and as gifts that will deepen your bond with your loved ones. Traditional crafts and unique antique items will leave you with colorful memories of your visit to Komatsu City.

Jaml K introduces sightseeing spots in Komatsu City, Nomi City, and Kaga City

Highlights of Komatsu City - Harmony of history and nature

Komatsu City, located in the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture, is a special place with rich nature and deep history. It is full of spots where you can experience the beauty of each season, including Komatsu Castle, which attracts visitors, and breathtaking natural parks. Here we will introduce some highlights of sightseeing in Komatsu City.


小松城 - 時代を超えた美の守護者


Komatsu Castle is one of the sightseeing spots in Komatsu City that you cannot miss. About the year 1576. Komatsu Castle was built in Kaga by Wakabayashi Nagato no kami, a member of the Ikko Ikki. This castle has a history of being attacked by Katsuie Shibata, a military commander who served Oda Nobunaga, and then the Murakami clan and the Niwa clan defended the area as castle owners. As time passed and the Edo period arrived, this castle became part of the Kaga domain, but in 1615 it quietly ended its role under the One Country One Castle Law.


 Development of Komatsu Castle


This castle was rebuilt in 1639 as a retirement castle for the second lord of the domain, Toshitsune Maeda. Later, it was constructed on a large scale similar to the construction of a new castle, with a large water moat and a built-in island. Construction work has been carried out. The completed castle area was approximately twice the size of Kanazawa Castle, and after Toshitsune's death, it became a branch castle of Kanazawa Castle of the Kaga clan, and was ruled by a castle guard, which ushered in the Meiji Restoration.


 Komatsu Castle is not only famous for its magnificent history, but also for its harmony with the surrounding nature. The castle ruins are now a place of relaxation for citizens, with cherry blossoms in full bloom in the spring and autumn leaves beautifully decorating the castle in the fall. The area around Komatsu Castle is a perfect blend of seasonal natural beauty and historical background.


 In addition, old maps of the area around Komatsu Castle were previously on display at Jamul K. This old map tells us what Komatsu Castle and its surrounding area once looked like, and how it has changed over time.


 Komatsu Castle is now well maintained and beautiful, but in the past, it really remained as it was, and the staff at Jamul K used to play toy golf from the top of Komatsu Castle's castle tower when they were children. . At that time, it was really grassy, but now it's beautiful, so please don't let that happen.



Ashijo Park is a Japanese-style park built on the site of the Sannomaru ruins of Komatsu Castle, which was the residence of Toshitsune Maeda, the third lord of the Kaga domain. This park has two ponds and a waterfall, and adopts the style of a pond stroll garden. Especially in spring, the Someiyoshino, Yaezakura, Weeping Cherry, and Fujizakura cherry blossoms attract visitors, and the park is crowded with cherry blossom viewing visitors. There is also a bronze statue of Toshitsune Maeda in the park, and in the past, old maps of the area around Komatsu Castle were also displayed at Jamul K. This park is a special place where you can enjoy the beauty of each season. If you come to Komatsu or Kaga for sightseeing during the cherry blossom viewing season, be sure to visit Ashijo Park with Jamuru K. Especially at night, the cherry blossom viewing party between Jamul K's staff is always held at Ashi Park. It was so much fun that the cherry blossom viewing didn't end until the lights went out in the park.


When talking about sightseeing in Komatsu City, the charm of Komatsu Castle's Ishigaki Go and the surrounding nature-rich Ashijō Park is essential. The magnificent history and natural beauty of Komatsu Castle, as well as the traditional culture of Ishikawa Prefecture and the retro discovery of the Showa era at Jamuru K, will be unforgettable memories for visitors. If you want to feel the history of Komatsu City and enjoy the nature of the four seasons, please be sure to visit Komatsu Castle and Jamuru K.

Representative sightseeing spot in Komatsu City: Ataka no Seki - Opening the door to history


Komatsu City's tourism appeal is deeply rooted in the legends of Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Musashibo Benkei, as well as the Kabuki and Kanjincho plays based on them. Ataka no Seki is known as an important setting for these stories, and you can experience historical excitement by visiting. The tragic fate of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, the epic story of him and his faithful servant Benkei, has inspired many kabuki plays and kanjincho. At Jamuru K in Komatsu City, you can find items related to local history and culture, and the staff's stories of their experiences in the local area will entertain visitors as well. The childhood story of a Jamul K staff member fishing in front of Ataka no Seki speaks to the richness of the region's nature and culture.


Ataka's Kitamaebune town


When sightseeing in Komatsu City, we recommend a visit to the historic mansion in the Ataka district of Komatsu City to learn more about the rich history and cultural heritage of the Kitamae ship owners. Former Kitamae shipowner's residence "Seto family". Here you can see mansions built by shipowners who were active from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period, proof of their grand wealth and influence. In addition, the guest room ``Kongo,'' which was used by the Kitamae shipowner, still exists at ``Ryoya Nagaoki'' in front of Ataka no Seki. You can enjoy delicious food all year round. Crab in winter is especially delicious.


After eating delicious food, please come and visit us at Jamul K.

Natadera - A tourist destination in Komatsu that Matsuo Basho also visited


Natadera Temple is located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and is an ancient temple that has the status of being the special head temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect. The principal image of this temple, the Thousand-Armed Kanzeon Bodhisattva, is a secret Buddha statue that is specially unveiled once every 33 years, and was unveiled in 2017 to coincide with the 1300th Anniversary Festival. The temple's origins date back to 717, when Taisho Houshi enshrined the Thousand-Armed Kannon in a rock cave, and since then it has gone through many historical changes until it reaches its current state. Particularly during the era of Toshitsune Maeda, the lord of the Kaga domain, the lord himself was involved in the rebuilding of the temple, and many of the cultural properties and gardens that can be seen today were maintained. Matsuo Basho also visited this area and touched upon the strangely shaped sacred stones and wrote haiku. Natadera Temple is known as a place where rich history and culture blend together with the natural beauty of each season. Jamul K staff often visit this historic temple for New Year's visits, making it an important spot for locals as well. This is a highly recommended tourist destination in Jamul K.


Komatsu Tenmangu Shrine - Many tourists visit from outside the prefecture


Komatsu Tenmangu Shrine is a venerable shrine in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture that enshrines Michizane Sugawara, the god of learning. This shrine was founded in 1657 and was enshrined in the northern part of Johoku by Toshitsune Maeda, a feudal lord of the Kaga domain. The existence of Komatsu Tenmangu Shrine is important to the Kaga Domain as a guardian deity, and its historical value has also been designated as an important cultural property. In addition, a monument with a haiku written by the haiku poet Matsuo Basho on his visit, ``The sun is bright and the autumn wind fades'' still remains, and it is known as a place where culture and history intersect. It is a familiar place for local residents, and the Jamul K staff come here to seek blessings from the god of learning when taking entrance exams or on New Year's visits. In spring, the plum grove blooms beautifully, announcing the arrival of spring to visitors. Komatsu Tenmangu Shrine continues to provide visitors with history and natural beauty as a spiritual pillar of Kaga and as an attractive tourist destination in Komatsu City. It's located 10 minutes by taxi from Komatsu Station, so if you're here for sightseeing or work, please come and visit us. Jamuru K deals in antiques and antiques, so we sometimes receive items that show a connection with the local Komatsu Tenmangu Shrine. If the timing is right, you may find products with such history and culture on sale in stores. When you come sightseeing, please stop by Jamul K and do a treasure hunt.

Hanibe Rock Cave Temple - Tourist spot known only to those in the know - Great Buddha and Hell Tour


The Hanibe Great Buddha at Hanibe Gankutsu-in Temple, which Jamul K's staff visited on a field trip when they were children, had a lifelong impact on them.It is a unique large Buddha statue that remains unfinished in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. This Great Buddha was named after an ancient sculptor named Hanibe, and was planned to be 15 meters high, but only the head has now been completed. This project was started by the first owner, Mr. Yuma Tsugata, and has been carried on by the second owner as the largest Buddha statue in Japan. Inside the cave, there are many Buddhist statues and carvings, including statues of Nio and Shakyamuni Buddha, and there is also an attraction that imitates the scenery of hell, making it known as a unique spot.


Hanibe Great Buddha, located in Hanibe Gankutsu-in Temple, is a special place that derives its name from the clay clay maker Dobushi, an ancient sculptor. ``Gankutsu'' means a cave, and ``in'' means a temple, meaning a cave temple created by a sculptor.


 Hell tour


This place is a 150m long cave that was once a stone quarry, and is lined with numerous Buddhist statues, including Fudo Myoo and Amida Nyorai, leading visitors to a profound world. There are also attractions that imitate hell, and by taking a tour around the Demon's Table and Emma the Great, you will be able to feel something that will remain in your heart. The Jamul K staff also recommend this spot in a sense, but it may be a spot recommended for relatively young people. Please be careful as the ground will be slippery on rainy days.


 Yuma Tsugata is a sculptor known for Hanibe Gankutsu-in, and a person who has contributed to the culture and art of Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. His works reflect deep spirituality and unique techniques, and are highly acclaimed in many places, including his hometown of Komatsu City. Jamul K sometimes carries works by Yuma Tsugata, and you may be able to see his works in the store when you visit. If you are lucky with the timing, you will be able to experience this unique artist's worldview up close.

Otabi Festival Hikiyama Children's Kabuki

Travel Festival - A must-see when sightseeing in Komatsu


Komatsu City's Otabi Festival is held every May as a spring festival at Uwabashi Shrine and Honori Hiyoshi Shrine, and is especially known for its Hikiyama Children's Kabuki. This festival is famous for local children performing traditional kabuki on floats. Jamul K staff also participated in this festival as local children and enjoyed children's kabuki. Her junior high school classes ended in the morning, and in the afternoon she went to a travel festival with her friends and had fun eating takoyaki. In addition, the niece of a staff member has also performed in children's kabuki, so it is a special event for the family as well. This festival is an important opportunity to pass on the traditions and culture of the region, and attracts many people every year. It is held every year after Golden Week, so if you come to Komatsu for sightseeing at the right time, be sure to check out Children's Kabuki. The Jamul K staff may have seen it too.Also, there is Ashijo Park, which is less than 5 to 10 minutes walk from the Otabi Festival venue, and you can visit it as well. If you come to Komatsu City for sightseeing, you should definitely try not only the coffee at the retro pure cafe Flora, but also the famous "grilled ice cream". Jamul K staff also visit us from time to time. At the Otabi Festival, the adult men who support children's kabuki wear hakama, but sometimes people come to Jamuru K, which sells kimonos, to look for hakama. Jamuru K has a wide variety of kimonos available and even rental kimonos, so why not wear a kimono when you go sightseeing during a travel festival? Would you like to watch children's kabuki in the festival atmosphere of the Edo period?



A scenic park that will wash your soul, overlooking Japan's three most famous mountains, Japan's three sacred mountains, and the divine Mt. Hakusan.

Hakusan, which straddles Ishikawa and Gifu prefectures, is a sacred mountain that has been worshiped by people since ancient times. It is counted as one of Japan's three famous mountains and one of Japan's three sacred mountains, and its majestic appearance overwhelms those who see it.


Kibagata Park in Komatsu City is known as the place where you can see Mt. Hakusan most beautifully. The vast grounds are surrounded by rich nature, and you can enjoy the scenery of each season.


The view of the Hakusan Mountain Range beyond Kibagata is especially spectacular. Hakusan looks different every time you look at it, such as Mt. Hakusan shining in the morning sun, mystical Mt. Hakusan floating in a sea of clouds, and Mt. Hakusan covered in snow.

Kibagata Park


Kibagata Park is located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and is known for its rich natural scenery and historical background. As an introduction to the park, Kibagata is the only lagoon in the prefecture that has preserved its natural form, and is popular for its beautiful scenery with the Hakusan mountain range in the background. Approximately 1,700 cherry blossom trees bloom in spring, providing visitors with a spectacular view. It is loved by local residents and tourists because it offers seasonal nature, rare aquatic plants and wild bird viewing, and a variety of leisure activities to enjoy.

A blessing of nature that refreshes both mind and body

Kibagata Park not only offers spectacular views of Mt. Hakusan, but it also offers plenty of activities to enjoy nature.


At Kibagata, you can enjoy a walk on the water in a canoe, boat, or pleasure boat. Seeing Mt. Hakusan from the water can be enjoyed from a different angle.


There is also a promenade within the park, making it perfect for strolling and walking. You can feel refreshed by bathing in negative ions while listening to the chirping of wild birds.


Looking back at the history of Kibagata, the park is celebrating 40 years since its opening, and you can look back on the changes over that time through a photo book of the past and present. This further deepens the value of Kibagata Park.


Kibagata, which is part of the Kaga Sanko Lakes, has a diverse history and maintains a rich natural environment along with the surrounding area. Historically, shell middens have shown that the area has been inhabited since the Jomon period, and many historical events have occurred here. For example, hot springs were discovered in Shibayamagata in 1653, which led to the later development of Katayamazu Onsen. Furthermore, a reclamation project began in 1952, and it has a history of being reclaimed along with Imae Lagoon.

Komatsu City itself is known as a company castle town for the construction machinery manufacturer Komatsu, and has developed heavy industry, but it is also extremely blessed in terms of nature and culture. This area is also a place rich in history and culture, including Ataka no Seki, Natadera Temple, and Awazu Onsen.


In this way, Kibagata Park is a place of not only natural beauty but also rich history and culture, providing valuable time to Jamul K staff, their families, and all visitors. It is only 6 minutes away from the Jamul K store, and is one of the spots you should definitely stop by when sightseeing in Komatsu.


Access from Kaga Onsen Station to Komatsu Station


The most convenient way to access Komatsu City from Kaga Onsen Station is to take the Shinkansen from Kaga Onsen Station to Komatsu Station. By using this route, you can easily visit various sightseeing spots in Komatsu City. From Kaga Onsen Station to Komatsu Station, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ishikawa Prefecture outside the window.


By rental car


Many people come to Jamuru K by rental car from Kaga Onsen Station, Komatsu Station, or Komatsu Airport. Many customers come by rental bicycles from Komatsu Station.


Komatsu City developed as a castle town of Komatsu Castle, which was the retirement castle of Toshitsune Maeda, the lord of the Kaga domain. A castle town was created by attracting various craftsmen from all over the country. Historical names such as Zaimoku-cho, Zaiku-cho Tonomachi, Marunouchi-cho, Shinkaji-cho, Ameyama-cho, Ashiki, etc. remain, and the historical background, natural beauty, and cultural richness of these towns attract many tourists. We will provide you with an unforgettable experience. By exploring the charms of Komatsu City, you will be able to experience the beauty of Kanazawa and Japan from a new perspective. Visit Komatsu City's sightseeing spots and enjoy the harmony of history and nature to your heart's content.

Kutani ware passed down in Komatsu City, Kaga City, and Nomi City

The techniques of Kutani ware have been passed down from generation to generation, and even in modern times new works are being created. The area around Komatsu City is dotted with galleries and potteries that display and sell Kutani ware, and there are also places where you can actually see the craftsmanship of the craftsmen up close. You can fully experience the charm of Kutani ware.


If you come to Komatsu for sightseeing, try Kutani ware painting experience


Kutani ware painting in Komatsu City and Kaga City


Mr. Kutani Mangetsu


Kaga Traditional Crafts Village Yunokuni no Mori (Jamul K staff have also experienced it here.)


Chiaki Kobo


Kutani ware experience gallery CoCo (Coco)


Kutani ware experience workshop Ryoyama


Sightseeing in Nomi City - Kutani Tea Bowl Festival


The Kutani Chawan Festival, which has been held annually in Nomi City since 1904, is held on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th, and attracts 180,000 tourists.Approximately 50 Kutani-yaki trading companies set up special stores. is. Kutani ware is sold at surprising prices, so food and beverage vendors and Kutani ware fans from all over the country visit. Since it's Golden Week, there are a lot of tourists, but Jamul K staff always go there. That's because a Kutani ware vendor I know is opening a store there. I also buy tea bowls for myself. If you come to Komatsu City or Kaga City for sightseeing during Golden Week, be sure to visit Kutani Pottery Village. Jamuru K also has a lot of Kutani ware, but the quantity is nowhere near enough for the Chawan Festival (^_^;)


Still, Jamul K can't be beat for the price, so please stop by on your way home.

Kaga Yuzen and kimono are must-sees when visiting Ishikawa Prefecture.

A shop where you can experience Kaga Yuzen dyeing

Art & Cafe Kananchi

3,500 yen ~ Reservation required






2-3 Fukushimacho, Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture


Art & Cafe Kananchi




Phone number: 080-3049-5968


HP https://kananchi.jimdofree.com/


From Jamul K staff


It would be nice if you could tell me that you saw Jamul K's homepage.


The culture and traditional crafts of Komatsu City lie in their delicate beauty and techniques that have been passed down through time. Traditional crafts such as Kutani ware and Kaga Yuzen create a deep impression on visitors. The locally loved markets and festivals are places where you can feel the warm community of Komatsu City. When you visit Komatsu City, be sure to experience these cultures and traditions.

Gourmet food in Komatsu City - If you're sightseeing, be sure to enjoy the local flavors

From Kaga cuisine and a stylish bar for adults at night, to local sweets and food perfect for souvenirs.

There are many delicious restaurants in Komatsu, but I would like to recommend Tsuzura-san because I would like you to try the high-quality Kutani ware and Wajima lacquerware from Ishikawa Prefecture. Tsuzura's tableware is sometimes made with antiques, which makes it very attractive.


A mysterious building tucked away in a quiet residential area. It's a really relaxing space, so please come and use it during your trip. It's about a 20 minute drive from Komatsu Station, but there's no harm in coming by taxi.


Japanese cuisine Tsuzura


After your meal, go to a stylish bar for adults.


A bar that creates a special night in Komatsu City: Esmeralda


In Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, there is Esmeralda, an authentic bar that is a member of the Japan Bartender Association. Recommended for tourists looking for cocktails that highlight the bartender's skill and commitment, and for a special time enjoyed in a calm atmosphere.


Bar Esmeralda: A space where tradition and innovation intertwine


Esmeralda, a long-established bar that has been loved by locals for many years, is characterized by its calm, adult atmosphere. We offer a wide range of menus, from classic cocktails to original cocktails, and each drink carefully crafted by our bartenders is exceptional.


Jamul K staff sometimes visit this shop, and it is a wonderful shop.


Recommended points


Courteous customer service and cocktail making by bartenders with years of experience and knowledge


A space where you can relax in a calm atmosphere


Carefully selected high-quality whiskey and liqueurs


Bar Esmeralda [Japan Bartender Association member]


Address: 339-1 Doiharacho, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture


Phone number: 0761-23-1283




Matsubaya's chestnut yokan ``Tsukiyomiyamaji'' is exquisite.


Matsubaya, located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is a Japanese sweets shop that is highly rated locally. Particularly famous is its chestnut worm yokan ``Tsukiyomiyamaji'', and this Japanese sweet is offered for 840 yen (tax included). Along with the faint scent of bamboo, the bean paste that is steamed with kudzu leaves a characteristic chewy texture that spreads in your mouth with just the right amount of sweetness. Inside, the chestnuts that fall apart add aroma and seasonal flavor.


Source: https://tabelog.com/ishikawa/A1702/A170202/17005047/

Summary of sightseeing in Komatsu City

Komatsu City is a jewel-like city in Ishikawa Prefecture known for its rich history, culture, and natural beauty. It is also famous as the entrance to Kaga Onsenkyo, where you can enjoy not only hot springs but also traditional crafts such as Kutani ware and Kaga Yuzen, as well as beautiful natural scenery. When you're sightseeing in Komatsu City, be sure to visit Jamuru K, which carries a wide range of products, from antiques and fine art to retro Showa era items and modern masterpieces.


Jamul K provides a special experience for tourists. You can find a variety of treasures, from nostalgic Showa era miscellaneous goods to traditional crafts that Ishikawa Prefecture is proud of. We also offer a kimono rental service, allowing you to experience Japanese culture more deeply by walking around the streets of Komatsu City wearing beautiful kimonos such as Kaga Yuzen.


If you are planning to sightsee in Komatsu City, be sure to visit Jamul K. It is easily accessible from Komatsu Station on the Shinkansen and offers an excellent opportunity to discover the hidden charms of Komatsu City. We believe that the discoveries you make at Jamul K will enrich your memories of sightseeing in Komatsu City. Enjoy your special time in Komatsu City with a treasure hunt at Jamul K.