If you are sightseeing in Komatsu City, explore the charms of Showa retro miscellaneous goods, Kutani ware, Kaga Yuzen, antiques, etc. - Souvenirs found at Jamu
Komatsu City Sightseeing - Interesting hidden shops in Ishikawa Prefecture. I think it was definitely good 🎵 Search for souvenirs from Komatsu City at Jamuru K: Kutani ware, Kaga Yuzen, retro miscellaneous goods, antiques, and antique items. If you come to Komatsu City for sightseeing, be sure to visit Jamuru K, an interesting store where you can enjoy the traditional culture of Ishikawa Prefecture and the retro Showa era at the same time, such as retro Showa miscellaneous goods, souvenirs